Roofers Apprenticeship

What is a Roofer?

Roofers waterproof and weatherproof  buildings.  They apply shingles made from fiberglass, slate, tile and cedar or composite material such as felt rubber membrane.  They also apply built-up rubber, PVC and modern bitumen. Roofers work outdoors in all kinds of weather and shut down only when weather is severe.  Craftsmen do a great deal of climbing, kneeling, standing, and walking.  Persons interested in becoming a roofer must have no fear of heights, a good sense of balance and be keenly aware of safety for themselves and their co-workers.

How do I prepare for the trade?

The following will be helpful:

  •             Good reading ability
  •             General science
  •             General math
  •             Blueprint reading

How do I qualify?

  •             At least 18 years of age
  •             Possess a high school diploma or GED         
  •             Have a valid driver’s license

What are the program specifics?

  •             Length of the program – 3 years
  •             6 months probationary period
  •             A minimum of 144 hours of classroom related instructions each year
  •             Starting pay – 45% journeyman wage

Where Do I Apply?

Joint Apprentice Training Program                            
Roofers Local 147                                                      
P.O. Box 91696                                                          
Louisville, KY 40291                                          

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