Laborers Apprenticeship

What is a Laborer?

Laborers must have common knowledge of all work performed by building trades people because they are tenders or helpers of many other crafts.  They often operate small power tools, work in demolition, help on highway work and mix mortar for bricklayers and lime for plasterers.  A laborer must have a broad knowledge of tool use and safety. Laborers are exposed to a variety of weather conditions, often work at heights or below ground.  Work is strenuous with much lifting and carrying.  A laborer must be able to do repetitive tasks. 

How do I prepare for the trade?

 The following will be helpful:

  •             Good reading ability
  •             Courses in math and science  
  •             Develop reasoning and problem solving skills

 How do I qualify?

  •             At least 18 years of age
  •             Possess a high school diploma or GED         
  •             In good physical condition

 Where Do I Apply?

Joint Apprentice Training Program
Laborers Local 576
646 Phillips Lane
Louisville, KY 40209
(502) 375-0581

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