Millwright Apprenticeship

What is a Millwright?

Millwrights are skilled construction mechanics who study and interpret blueprints and then put their knowledge and expertise to work drilling, welding, and bolting in order to have a perfect fit. Millwrights
sometimes work to specifications requiring tolerances to a thousandth of an inch.

Millwrights install conveyor systems, escalators, giant electrical turbines and generators.  They also install and do maintenance on machinery in factories and do much of the precision work in nuclear power plants.

How do I prepare for the trade?

The following will be helpful:

  •             Mechanical drawing
  •             Metal or industrial shop
  •             General math courses
  •             Blue print reading
  •             Welding

How do I qualify?

  •             At least 18 years of age
  •             Possess a high school diploma or GED
  •             Be physically able to perform the work of the trade
  •             Have a valid driver’s license Social Security Card & Birth Certificate

What are the program specifics?

  •             Length of the program – 4 years
  •             On-the-job and classroom related training
  •             Starting pay – approximately 50% journeyman wage

Where Do I Apply?

Indiana-Kentucky-Ohio Regional Council of Carpenters, JATF
Millwrights Local 1031
1245 Durrett Ln. 
Louisville, KY. 40213
(502) 447-0402 or 1-800-440-2684

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