Cement Mason Apprenticeship

What is a Cement Mason

Cement masons finish the exposed concrete surfaces of freshly poured floors, walls, sidewalks, foundations, dams, parking garages and lots, runways, warehouses, loading dock floors, roads, and curbs to specified textures or finishes.  They level, shape and smooth surfaces using straight edgers or power screeds.  Most of the work is in industrial and commercial buildings.  Cement masons must know the differing working characteristics of various cement and concrete mixes.

How do I prepare for the trade?

 The following will be helpful:
  •             Good work ethics and attendance
  •             Willing to do physical work   
  •             Good math and reading skills
  •             Willing to work outdoors
How do I qualify?
  •             At least 18 years of age
  •             Possess a high school diploma or GED         
  •             Have a valid driver’s license

What are the program specifics?

  •             Length of the program – 3 years
  •             Probationary period – 180 days
  •             Minimum of 144 hours of classroom related training each year
  •             Starting pay – 55%  journeyman wage

 Where Do I Apply?

Joint Apprentice Training Program
Plasterers & Cement Masons 692 Area 694
3927 Park Drive, KY 40216
(502) 721-9877

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