Electrician Apprenticeship

What is an Electrician?

 Electrical construction is a dynamic and diverse industry with specialized skills.  The electrician must be able to layout, assemble, install, repair, and test entire electrical and electronic systems.  Along with their electrical training, journeyperson electricians must have a complete working knowledge of blue print reading and know the National Electric Code and local codes.  There is of course the hazard of electrical shock and burns from “live” wires.  Therefore, safe work practice is a must.  Electricians must be mechanically inclined, physically fit and enjoy working with mathematical formulas. Electrical work is performed both indoors and outdoors in all temperatures and weather conditions.

How do I prepare for the trade?

The following will be helpful:

  •             Above average reading ability
  •             Algebra, geometry, trigonometry
  •             Physical science
  •             Mechanical drawing and blueprint reading

How do I qualify?

  •             Be 18 years of age   
  •             Possess a high school diploma or GED        
  •             Successfully completed algebra I (transcripts required)      

What are the program specifics?

  •             Length of program – 5 years                 
  •             A minimum of 8000 hours of on-the-job training
  •             A minimum of 900 hours of classroom related training
  •             Six scheduled pay increases

Where Do I Apply?

Joint Apprentice Training Program
Electricians JAC
4315 Preston Hwy, Suite 100
Louisville, KY 40213
 (502) 581-9210

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