Bricklayers Apprenticeship

What is a Bricklayer?

Bricklayers work in varied aspects of building, industrial, commercial and residential construction. They build walls, partitions, chimneys and other structural forms from brick, block or other masonry material.  They work with mortar using a trowel.  They also use chisels, joiners, block hammers and power saws.

Much of the bricklayer’s work is done outdoors and generally depends upon suitable weather conditions.  It  is a very strenuous trade with much stooping and lifting required.  A bricklayer needs to be able to work in a variety of duties requiring close tolerances and must be able to work well in heights.

How do I prepare for the trade?

The following will be helpful: Good reading ability, Geometry, Science, Blueprint reading

How do I qualify?

At least 17 years of age

In good physical condition

Possess a high school diploma or GED

Have a valid driver’s license


What are the program specifics?

Length of program – 4 years

6 month probationary period

A minimum of 144 hours of classroom related instruction each year

Starting pay – 50% journeyman wage

Where Do I Apply?

Joint Apprentice Training Program
Bricklayers Local
960 S Third Street, Suite 101                                
Louisville, KY 40214                                                
(502) 817-4126

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